Welcome to Greenepal.org, a non-political, non-religious, non-governmental and non-profitable organization. It is dedicated to bring necessary changes in the Nepalese Community through the mutual effort of its members, well-wishers and donors.

Greenepal exists because our environment needs voice, solutions, actions, dedication and change through volunteerism as well as mutual support. Our society and life deserves a clean and safe environment now and in the future. 

Greenepal symbolizes hope of growth so there is an ample opportunity to grow our self and our society. If we behave like literate civilian, Greenepal wants to create awareness among people to make clean and safe environment.

Greenepal today focuses on helping out in addressing the recent disaster. 

Earthquake Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Project 
Project Model - Rebuild Nepal

1.   One School One Village – School Construction

We, Greenepal.org in association with Street Health Service are rebuilding Selang Higher Secondary School for Temporary Learning Centre in Selang VDC, Sindhupalchowk. There are 220 students who are not being able to go to school after the major earthquake this April 2015. We are rebuilding seven classrooms, one office cum staff room, three toilets each for Girls, Boys and Teachers.

No. of Students : 220 

No. of Teachers : 8

2.   Psychosocial Counseling

We, Greenepal.org are starting psychosocial counseling in Selang VDC to identify the symptoms of post trauma stress among the children, parents and victims of the earthquake. We will be using various intervention themes to reduce the symptoms of PTSD among the affected individuals. If any severe cases identified, we will be linking such cases to Medical Health Professionals and also to the concentrated organizations working on psychosocial field.

No. of houses in Selang VDC : 526

3.   Health Camps

We, Greenepal.org will be conducting health camps periodically for check-up, epidemic counseling and medication to the people in the VDC. People with the symptoms of PTSD will be taken proper care. Our regular medical camps can provide on time medication.

Total Population : 2,613          Males: 1,298          Females: 1,315

4.   Skill Development

Agriculture is the main source of income for the people of Selang VDC, which has been destroyed by the earthquake making cracks almost everywhere in the field. As an alternative to agriculture, we would like to transfer skills to the women groups and affected families of Selang VDC so that they can make products out of the provided resources. We will link them to the market so that they don’t have to think about selling the items. If the production is as per standard they will get sold. This skill development will uplift the economy of the village making them self-sustainable in near future.

5.   Nutritious Food Distribution

We, Greenepal.org will be tying up with various nutritious food organizations to deliver the nutritious food. We want more and more people from Selang VDC to participate in our project so we will be creating a nutritious package deal that will be delivered to the participants of our program as an incentive so that they continue to participate until our exit from the village.

Earthquake Relief Projects
One Bucket Campaign for Earthquake Victims Relief Campaign Reach


One Bucket Campaign Relief Campaign reached out to 614 families. You may check the detail fundraiser project here One Bucket Campaign 

This event was supported by

R3 Nepal Fund, USA

The Tuesday & Wednesday Group, Singapore

The Fishwives Singapore

and all the individuals who have shown their trust on this campaign. 

                  Disaster Victim Relief Fund for Nepal Relief Campaign Reach                                                                                 

               Disaster Victim Relief Fund for Nepal Campaign reached out to 655 families. 

  You may check the detail fundraiser project here Disaster Victim Relief Fund Nepal

This event was supported by

Devendra Dahal and Friends of North Dakota, USA
Ashwin Patel, Canada
Pratistha Chalise Malla, Bhairahawa, Nepal
Anjana Chalise and Bijaya, California, USA
Chandra Giri and Medhawi Giri, Washington D.C., USA
and all the individuals who have shown their trust on this campaign. 

Thanks for visiting Greenepal.org. Your support, suggestions and feedbacks are highly appreciated.